Bettina Lobkowicz Winery Melnik is vinifying only grapes from her own vineyards.

Bettina Lobkowicz is continuing the old tradition and vinifies only grapes from the ancient Lobkowicz vineyards , Trojslava, Velclovka, Koráb, Thunovka, Sirotčí, Klamovka, Městská, Turbovice, Šternberka and Trautmanka, in her cellar. These vineyards are situated on the southern and southwestern coastal breakage of the river Elbe with a warm microclimate at 200 meters above the sea level. The newly reconstructed winecellar on the banks of the river Elbe, where the grapes are processed with the latest technology in a very careful way. Beside white and red wines, we offer as well different types of our own sparkling wine, brandy, grape seed oil and Verjus. In our pretty courtyard in the winery, you can taste our wines in a extraordinary atmosphere on the banks of the river Elbe, near the bike path.

Every day all our wines can be tasted in the winery. For a special guided tasting with the wine maker or the owner, you need to make a reservation. The tasting can be completed with some local cheese.


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