Klamovka and Vraždilka

Klamovka and Vraždilka

(Mělník - Klamovka)
Altitude: 184-208 meters (603-682 feet) above sea level
Steepness: 4-6°
Slope aspect: Southwest
Soil and bedrock: Light sandy regosol and stony calcic leptosol on calcareous sandy marlstone
Pruning and training system: Rheinhessen training system with cane pruning and vertical cordon training system with spur pruning
Our planted area: 12,81 hectares (31,7 acres)
In recultivation: 1,20 hectares (2,96 acres)
Planted varieties and their age: Riesling (1993), Chardonnay (2014), Pinot Gris (2000), Red Traminer (2003), Müller-Thurgau (1982, 1991), Pinot Noir (1995), Saint Laurent (1991), Zweigeltrebe (1987)

The name "Vraždilka" means something like "Murder Vineyard". Vraždilka was bought by Prince George Kristian Lobkowicz in 1873. Neighboring Klamovka (first mentioned in 1372) used to belong to wealthy burghers of Mělník. Only at the beginning of the 20th century, the Lobkowicz family succeeded to buy some vineyards. Grapes of classic varieties ripe in this prestigious location where the soil has a high calcium content. Selected parts of Pinot Noir and Zweigeltrebe are aged in oak barriques.

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