Na Svini or Městská

Na Svini or Městská

(Mělník - Městská)
Altitude: 165-179 meters (541-587 feet) above sea level
Steepness: up to 5°
Slope aspect: Plateau and northwest
Soil and bedrock: Chernozem and calcic leptosol on calcareous sandy marlstone, marl and limestone
Pruning and training system: Rheinhessen training system with cane pruning
Our planted area: 1,69 hectares (4,1 acres)
Planted varieties and their age: Blue Portugal (1956)

The name "Na Svini" means "On Sow" or "On Swine" and this name is first mentioned in 1372. Nowadays its official name is "Městská" - "Town vineyard". This vineyard was bought by Prince August Josef Lobkowicz at the end of the 18th century. Originally it was a much larger vineyard. Only one last small piece survived. The age of the vines and the fact that they are not grafted, is totally unique. The need of grafting to American rootstock had been arisen at the end of 19th century because of threat of Phylloxera disease. Mělník winemakers had resisted for a long time and longest of all, because they knew that the quality of wines from not grafted plantings is higher and on the sandy soils around Mělník the Phylloxera danger was at a minimum. Despite all this, the vineyards have been step-by-step changed to grafted vines. This vineyard is the last bigger not grafted vineyard in Bohemia and the character of its wine is really different. Especially you notice its character in the free-run not pressed rosé, called Samotok.

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