(Kly - Kelská)
Altitude: 180-210 meters (590-688 feet) above sea level
Steepness: 6-13°
Slope aspect: Southwest
Soil and bedrock: deeper clay-sandy calcic leptosol on sandy marlstone, this type is called "opuka"
Pruning and training system: Rheinhessen training system with cane pruning
Our planted area: 3,44 hectares (8,5 acres)
Planted varieties and their age: Riesling (1996), Pinot Blanc (1996)

The name of this vineyard goes back to the original ownder, Count Trautmansdorff. Trautmanka was purchased by Prince Frederic Lobkowicz at the beginning of the 20th century. The slope was terraced during the communism. The terraces have been planted in the mid-nineties by Bettina Lobkowicz with the emphasis on noble classic varieties. Most of them are able to grow to late harvest qualities.

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