I. General regulations

This terms and conditions are binding for e-shopping at Lobkowicz vinařství Mělník. This conditions determine the rights and obligations of the seller and of the buyer. 
Operator of this e-shop is Bettina Lobkowicz with commercial seat at Vlašská 17, Praha 1, PSČ 16100, IČO: 69342661

II. Order and purchase contract

All orders via the e-shop Lobkowicz vinařství Mělník are binding. By sending the order, the buyer confirms that he has accepted this terms and conditions regarding purchase and complaint. The order is a purchase proposition. A purchase contract exists the moment the buyer, after having paid, takes over the order.

The seller charges the transportation costs according to the number of ordered bottles.

By registering as a customer or filling in the form of a binding order at the e-shop of Lobkowicz vinarstvi Melnik, the customer agrees that this information will be stored only for commercial by the seller and that he is not allowed to pass the information over to a third party.

III. Complaint

The quality of the wine is guaranteed by the seller. All complaints have to be immediate and by e-mail. In case of damaged wrapping or content, the buyer can refuse to takeover the package. In this case, the package will be returned automatically to the seller who will have to replace the parcel and send a new one.

The buyer has a right to complain until 30 days after having received the package. In case of a formal complaint, the law of the Czech Republic is applicable. Complaints have to be addressed by e-mail to
Exchange or return the wine because of its poor quality is only possible in the original bottle that is 2/3 full and closed with the original cork.

IV. Withdraw from the buying contract - return the goods

According to the Czech Civil Code the buyer has the right to withdraw from the buying contract within 14 days after having taken over the goods. If the buyer decides so, he has to return the goods undamaged in the original package at the latest 14 days after having taken over the goods. After having received the returned goods, the seller has to pay back immediately the amount paid in advance.

V. Rights and obligations of the seller

The seller has the obligation to deliver the goods according to the binding order to the address of the buyer within the agreed time frame but not later than 10 working days after the order had been placed. The goods have to be delivered with an invoice.
All personal information provided by the buyer when placing the order are confidential and will not be given to a third party. The seller has to delete the registered customer from its database if the customers asks for it in written form.

The seller has the right to refuse an order by a buyer who has not complied with his previous order. The seller has a right to withdraw from the buying contract if he cannot carry out the order. In case the buyer has already paid the amount of the order, the seller has to pay it back within 3 days after having sent a written notice of the withdrawal. 

VI. Rights and obligations of the buyer

The buyer has the obligation to give the correct information in his order regarding address, contact and his full age. 

The buyer has the obligation to take over the ordered goods and to pay the full amount (cash on delivery). The buyer is familiar with the total amount of the order before confirming it. The buyer has the right to cancel the order in written form or by e-mail. The buyer has also the right to return the goods within 14 days after delivery.
The buyer has the right to ask the seller in written form to delete his personal information from the seller´s database. The seller must delete all personal information about the buyer within 3 days after having received the written notice. 

VII. Restrictions
As the goods are alcoholic drinks, the buyer can place an order only if he is of full age. By confirming the binding order, the buyer confirms that he is more than 18 years old.

VIII. Closing regulations

This conditions are valid in the wording of the online-business of the seller on the day a binding order has been placed.  By sending the binding order, the buyer accepts the commercial conditions valid that date as well as the price according to the online price list of Lobkowicz vinarstvi Melnik if not agreed in written form otherwise. 

The regulations of the Commercial Code of the Czech Republic is binding for this commercial relationship.

Prague, 1.2.2012 Bettina Lobkowicz

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