Saphira 2018 Limited Edition white semi-sweet

Saphira 2018 Limited Edition white semi-sweet

This is a new variety in our winery, introduced as limited edition.

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This variety is interspecific, with increased resistance to fungal and mold diseases. It enables us using less artificial spraying on the vineyard and thus be more ecological. This wine has an attractive intensive gold color and viscosity. Its aroma is also intense, with candy tones and honey. The taste is full and extractive with nice acidity. This vintage absolutely suited this variety.

Alcohol: 12%
Acidity: 6.1 g/l
Residual sugar: 22,2 g/l
Food pairing: approaching Christmas holidays it will perfectly fit with any cookies and cakes
Type of glass: more rounded glass enables the aroma to stand out
Serving temperature: 12°C


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