How to taste wine

Before you start tasting...

Wine deserves not only to be drunk at the convenient temperature but also in a suitable glass. The size of the glass is very important. Sparkling wine belongs to a high narrow glass that the fine perls become apparent. 

For white wines are more suitable narrow glasses in the form of tulips, that concentrate the flavour in the upper part of the glass. Pour only that much wine as can be drunk cold. Best size is about 250 ml. 
Red wines require a wide open form of a glass of minimum 300 ml. This form is suitable as red wines need to aerate and open up. This is even more important for older wines. Pour only 1/3 of the glass with wine, in order to swing the glass and free some aromes.
Wine requires the suitable temperature. For white wines lower temperature of 8 - 12 C. are convenient, red wines higher temperature of 16-18 C. 
Eat bread between two samples of wine, it neutralizes the taste.

First appraise the colour ...

Young white wines have a light, pale greenish yellow colour. By maturing, the yellow gets more the colour of straw. 
Red wines get with age bolder, darker colours. The difference in the colour intensity is due to the different varieties. Pinot noir has a lighter brick colour, St. Laurent a dence rubin almost violet colour.   

..then assess the bouquet of the wine

The bouquet of wine is released after shaking the glass. Try to recall the different flavours that you smell. According to the variety and age of the wine you notice different kind of fruits, blooms, flowers,honey,  herbs and spices. Quality wine has a flavour without strange disturbing tones.   

... in the end appraise the taste of the wine

The flavour of the wine indicates already the taste. Take a sip and warm up the wine in your mouth and roll it around your tongue. A the top of your tongue, you will feel the sweetness, on the side the acidity and on the upperside astringency and bitterness. Concentrate on the overall taste, if acidity, tannin or alcohol is not interfering with the balanced taste. Don´t hurry, remember how long and how well you perceive the taste of the wine in your mouth. The taste is different from one variety to the other. Important is the harmony, the cleanness and the expression of the wine.

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